AJ Dillon Cracks "Quad Squad University" Joke

December 06, 2023

Athlete Studio

The highly anticipated match between the Packers and the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football not only showcased an intense battle on the field, but also treated NFL fans to the excitement of the weekly primetime player introductions. However, it was Packers running back AJ Dillon who stole the show with his unexpected sense of humor.

As the game kicked off and Green Bay gained possession, all eyes were on Dillon as it was his turn to introduce himself. Instead of the usual practice of mentioning his alma mater, Dillon took a lighthearted approach and cracked a joke. He playfully claimed to have attended "Quad Squad University" - a fictional school that instantly made the headlines.

Quadzilla is the alter ego of AJ Dillon, celebrated for his explosive running game and powerful legs, making him a dominant presence on the field. Swiftly gaining popularity, this moniker has become integral to AJ Dillon's on-field identity. The success of his "Quad Squad University" gear, featured prominently on his official website, AJDillon28.com, further solidifies the enduring appeal of Quadzilla.

While filling in for the injured Aaron Jones, Dillon earned a spot in the starting lineup for only the fifth time this season. Embracing his newfound role on the big stage, he cleverly incorporated his renowned lower body strength into his introduction, further tickling the audience's funny bone.

Dillon's comical introduction joins a long list of NFL players who have injected humor into their Sunday Night Football rituals. Earlier in the season, Jets' D.J. Reed humorously claimed to have attended "HIM University," while Giants' offensive lineman Justin Pugh hilariously announced himself as being "straight off the couch" during a separate game.

Notably, just last week, Ravens star Lamar Jackson deviated from the norm and exclaimed "Ball 'til you fall" instead of mentioning his alma mater, Louisville. Odell Beckham Jr. also added to the fun by claiming to hail from "Himothy University."

As the game progressed, the Packers demonstrated their offensive prowess by swiftly driving down the field for a touchdown on their opening drive. Dillon, with his powerful legs and undeniable contribution, played a significant role in this early success.

The reaction on social media was overwhelming, with NFL fans thoroughly enjoying Dillon's comical introduction. The unexpected twist injected a refreshing dose of humor into the game and showcased Dillon's ability to captivate not just with his performances on the field, but also with his charismatic personality off the field.

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