Packers Head Coach Sees Versatile Role for AJ Dillon

March 27, 2024

Athlete Studio

During the NFC coaches breakfast at the NFL owners meetings, Matt LaFleur engaged with both local and national media on Monday, discussing the Green Bay Packers' offseason plans and strategies.

Despite having Josh Jacobs in the backfield, LaFleur remains steadfast in his commitment to a two-tailback approach. Jacobs, a formidable presence at 223 pounds, embodies the modern workhorse archetype. However, LaFleur's philosophy emphasizes shared workload to ensure the longevity and health of his backfield.

With the recent re-signing of AJ Dillon, he assumes the role of Jacobs' backup. Dillon brings extensive experience in LaFleur's passing game, although his roster spot is not guaranteed after signing a fourth-year qualifying offer, which provides some cap relief for the team if he's released.

Regarding Dillon, LaFleur expressed confidence in his potential, noting his capacity for handling a high volume of plays. Despite battling through injuries during the previous season, Dillon showcased improvement in pass protection, making it his best year in that aspect.

LaFleur highlighted Dillon's versatility and hinted at utilizing him in various roles beyond traditional tailback duties. He sees Dillon as a movable piece within the offensive scheme, offering flexibility and depth to the Packers' game plan.

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