AJ Dillon: "Everyone Would Run Through a Wall" for Packers QB

July 18, 2023

Athlete Studio

Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers' starting quarterback, may be in his first season as the team's leader on the field, but he is not a stranger to his teammates. Running back AJ Dillon, who was also drafted by the Packers in 2020, believes that Love's previous experiences stepping up when Aaron Rodgers was absent have played a significant role in earning the trust and respect of the team.

During his time with the Packers, Love has had a few opportunities to showcase his skills and lead the team in Rodgers' absence. While there were some ups and downs in those performances, Dillon pointed out that these experiences have allowed Love to develop relationships with his teammates. According to Dillon, Love is not seen as an outsider who suddenly appeared but rather as a familiar face who has proven himself on the field.

"I think he definitely has all the intangibles," Dillon expressed. "He's earned the trust of the locker room. Guys respect him. Guys wanna play for him. Guys wanna help him as much as they wanna help themselves. Nothing's perfect in football, everybody knows that. I think he's got a lot of support. Everybody would run through a wall for him."

Having the support and respect of the entire team is undoubtedly crucial for Love as he enters the 2023 season. However, it is important to remember that trust alone does not guarantee success. The Packers' aspirations can only be fulfilled if Love performs well on the field and helps the team reach their goals.

It is clear that AJ Dillon believes in Jordan Love's abilities and the trust he has built within the team. As the Packers prepare for the upcoming season, Love's previous experiences and the support of his teammates will undoubtedly play a significant role in his performance as the starting quarterback.

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