AJ Dillon Explains Why New Packers QB Will Be Successful

July 17, 2023

Athlete Studio

Fans were skeptical when Green Bay drafted Jordan Love and AJ Dillon in the first two rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft. However, as the 2023 season approaches, Dillon has emerged as one of the best running backs in the NFL, while Love is poised to take over as the Packers' starting quarterback.

Both players have encountered skeptics throughout their journeys in the league. However, as we step into the year 2023, their unwavering determination to silence the doubters and guide the Packers back to success is stronger than ever. During a recent conversation with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Dillon shared his perspective on why he believes Love will flourish during his first season as the team's starting quarterback.

The show's host expressed his belief that Love will surpass expectations due to his familiarity with the system. In response, Dillon shared, "You never go into a game as RB2 or quarterback two. You're always preparing to be that starter. And if whatever happens, you might be thrust into that role."

Dillon continued, "There have been a couple times already in his career where he's had to step up and he's had to play. He's done a great job at it." He emphasized the bond he shares with Love, stating, "I came in with him. We did combine prep together. We got drafted together. So we've got a great friendship and great relationship."

Highlighting Love's impact on the team, Dillon stated, "When he enters the huddle, it's not like it's just some new guy that just popped up is calling the shots. He's been there for going into the fourth year now." He added, "He's earned the trust of the locker room. Guys want to play for him. Guys want to help him as much as they want to help themselves. He's got a lot of support, and everybody would run through a wall for him."

Love's teammates have consistently voiced their support for him during the offseason. Aaron Jones, Rashan Gary, Elgton Jenkins, Romeo Doubs, and Christian Watson have all expressed their confidence in Love's abilities as a quarterback in 2023.

During his recent interview, Dillon spoke on the reasons behind his teammates' unwavering confidence in Love. Their trust in him isn't solely based on the fact that they are teammates; rather, it's a result of Love's consistent efforts to earn that trust. In the NFL, nothing is handed out freely; everything is acquired through hard work and dedication, and Love's commitment and outstanding performances have earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow players.

As the 2023 season approaches, the praise surrounding Love is far more than just talk; it's well deserved and been coming for some time now. With Dillon's endorsement and the unwavering support of his teammates, Jordan Love is poised to lead the Green Bay Packers to new heights.

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