AJ Dillon Says Packers Fans Most Welcoming in the NFL

July 05, 2023

Athlete Studio

Since his arrival with the Packers in 2020, AJ Dillon has risen to the status of a Green Bay icon. His genuine admiration for the extraordinary fanbase, the vibrant city energy, and the warm-hearted locals has been consistently vocalized, emphasizing his deep appreciation for all that Green Bay has to offer. 

To truly exemplify his dedication to the city, AJ Dillon took a significant step by making it his permanent home and tying the knot with Gabrielle Toonen, a local girl from Door County. This decision further solidifies his bond with the community and showcases his commitment to building a life within the Green Bay area.

According to Chris Simms and Mike Florio, renowned voices in football analysis, Packers fans have earned the reputation of being the most "welcoming" among all NFL fan bases. AJ Dillon wholeheartedly agrees with this sentiment, acknowledging the warm reception and genuine hospitality he has personally experienced from the passionate Green Bay supporters.

"A fact… and if you haven’t been the Lambeau then you don’t get it! I’ve gotten Dms from rival fans saying they loved it, you don’t get that every day!" Dillon tweeted.

While it may be expected for Dillon to share this sentiment as a member of the team, it is widely recognized that Packers fans are renowned as some of the finest in the NFL. Their unwavering loyalty is evident as they fill stadiums for every game, regardless of the team's performance. Not only are they dedicated supporters, but they also exhibit remarkable sportsmanship towards fans of opposing teams, whether they are at Lambeau Field or visiting other stadiums.

Without a doubt, we can anticipate witnessing their passionate presence, once again, as they fill stadiums across the country throughout the upcoming season.

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