The Green Bay Packers have the best running back tandem in the NFL

October 19, 2021

AJ Dillon

Sitting at 5-1, the Packers have established themselves as one of the top contenders in the NFL for a visit to the 2022 SuperBowl. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has looked sharp and has channeled his clutch gene time and time again while wide receiver Davante Adams has made a number of showstopping catches. On top of this quarterback-receiver tandem, the Packers running game featuring Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon has proved to be an instrumental part of their offensive scheme. Through the first 6 games, it is fair to say that the Green Bay Packers have the best running back tandem in the NFL, one that packs a serious one-two punch.

Over the last three games, Jones and Dillon have combined for a total of 553 yards with two touchdowns. The two backs are averaging an impressive 132 rushing yards and 52 receiving yards per game after their performances against the Steelers, Bengals, and Bears—all of which were wins, might I add. In all three of these games, the pair combined for over 150 total yards.

Underscoring the emphasis that is being put on the run game is the number of touches each back has gotten of late. Within the last three games, the two combined for 92 touches, Jones with 53 and Dillon with 39. Within this stretch, Dillon showed his skills as a receiver and proved that despite his size, he is  just as dangerous downfield as a target for Rodgers as he is carrying the ball from the backfield. Jones has also found the end zone a number of times with two rushing touchdowns and four receiving touchdowns already this season. 

This Packers team has come a very long way since they opened the season with a disappointing loss against the Saints. The team has proven that they can compete with the very best and come back from deficits large and small. The clutch gene is floating around in Green Bay this year and if things continue to play out the way they have through the first third of the season, there is a good chance that this team could find themselves in the 2022 SuperBowl.

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