The Quad Kings of the NFL

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In a recent article on ESPN by Rob Demovsky and Jordan Raanan, two players were crowned the “Quad Kings” of the NFL, Green Bay Packers Running Back AJ Dillon, and New York Giants Running Back Saquon Barkley. Both players are famous for both their talent and the immense size of their quadriceps.

ESPN did a deep dive into both players’ measurements which included quad based statistics like quad size, max squat, and rush yards/inch of quad. 

“Yeah, he’s got big legs, but how do they move so fast?” Dillon told ESPN. “I use mine more for running through people.” 

While AJ Dillon had Saquon beat in size, Saquon Barkley took the advantage in max squat and rush yards/inch of quad. The Green Bay running back however, had the wilder fan story.

““"He gets down on his knees and wraps his arms around my quads…I didn't know he was doing all that. I just thought I was getting ready for a picture, and before I knew it, he was down there." Dillon told ESPN.

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